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Outlandish Claims Bitters Red

Outlandish Claims Bitters Red

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New release from 2022 season. Heaps of local blueberries, finger lime, cinchona bark, gentian root and rosehips. Like its predecessor, a lovely fragrant amaro bitters.

Lots of uses, we like it just over ice with a sprig of rosemary but it also works well in a summery spritz, or in any cocktail requiring a bittering agent.

Just a lovely complex amaro to add to the drinks cabinet for summer.

Technical Notes

Based of Nebbiolo from 2022, essentially fortified during fermentation to arrest ferment and leave about 50g residual sugar. Lots of dried blood orange with cinchona (quinine bark) as the bitters. We also trialed some native quandong plums again.

Drink over ice with a twist go orange or in a gin, vodka or whisky based cocktails.

This is a project that has been quietly bubbling away for a couple of years. Vermouths and aromatised wines emerged when a wine had issues – ploughing various bitters and botanicals covered up the problem and a bit of sweetness pulled it all together.

The idea is to load neutral spirit with heaps of flavour, then fortify the base wine balancing this with sweetness, either added or residual grape sweetness.


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