It seemed like a good idea at the time...

Our Beginnings

Ravensworth embarked on its journey in 2001 under the pretext of 'It seemed like a good idea at the time.' It has evolved into a family affair, with life-committed partners Bryan and Jocelyn Martin joining forces with David Martin, the quieter one who bears a resemblance to a character from Braveheart. Additionally, we are currently in the process of negotiating the purchase of his impressive HR Holden.


Undoubtedly, the Shiraz Viognier reigns as the king of the reds in Murrumbateman. It's no secret that it follows the same principles as the outstanding 'Killa SV.' Sangiovese has been our cherished wine since the beginning. We procure fruit from our vineyard and a few others around the region to mitigate the challenge of its cultivation and spread the risk. Nebbiolo is the new addition, with all the fruit originating from Brian Mullany's vineyard in Young. It's a work in progress, but having access to such a fantastic variety adds a lot of fun to the winemaking process.


The cellar, meticulously constructed over a three-year period reminiscent of a 'Grand Designs' project using straw bales, is now adorned with large-format, long-lived oak barrels, ceramic eggs, Italian Amphorae, and peculiar concrete monoliths. Each element is specifically designed to facilitate a prolonged elevage, setting the stage for the wines to enjoy a long and fulfilling life.

While we haven't pitched a tent in the Natural wines campsite, we express a keen interest in employing a chemical-free and additive-free process, embracing a gentle touch that allows our fruit, in conjunction with microflora, to perform their roles as they have for millennia.


A Different Drop

Bryan Martin is one of the most creative and inquisitive winemakers we've ever met. After leaving his position as winemaker alongside Tim Kirk at Canberra regional flagbearer, Clonakilla, Bryan went full steam in on his own label Ravensworth, which has firmly hit cult status amongst collectors.

Halliday Wine Companion

This represents the 20th vintage for Bryan Martin's sangiovese. I reckon he has the knack now... textural, shapely and mouthcoating, while the juicy acidity seals the deal.

A Different Drop

Bryan embodies everything we love about small artisanal Australian producers. He is humble, irreverent, committed to the pursuit of excellence and always looking to explore. Quite simply, if you see a Ravensworth wine anywhere, you should buy it.

Our Labels

Our kitchen boasts a unique array of ingredients: from pig’s heads and wild rabbits to deer carcasses, crayfish, eels, tongues, tails, and bubbling stock pots. This eclectic mix sets the stage for the culinary artistry that unfolds within our culinary domain.


In a striking collaboration with the talented Steven Noble, Ravensworth has unveiled a fresh perspective on their branding and packaging for the Seven Months label. This exceptional wine, fermented and matured on skins for seven months in an amphora, deserved an equally exceptional visual representation.

Drawing inspiration from the chaotic and decadent kitchen scenes depicted in early 17th-century paintings, Steven Noble was commissioned to craft a scene that vividly captures our client's unique approach to both food and wine.