The Tinderry

Years ago we played around with this variety from our very young vines, it was gorgeous but not a variety that met the needs of the wine drinking public back then. In 2017 the gloves are off and anything is possible so we have revisited this blend thinking cab franc is such a beautiful variety, fragrant, herby, delicate. It fits the model for a lighter modern red for our al fresco lifestyle. Again a small batch and perfect summer drinking and maybe worth tucking away a few years to see it come out of its skin a bit.


VARIETIES 75% Cabernet franc, 25% Sauvignon blanc

Medium term 5-8 years

VINEYARD  Barton estate and our vineyard

VINE AGE  Almost 20 years

SOIL Duplex, decomposed granite, red loamy clay 

SLOPE  varied

VINTAGE NOTES  A pretty good year, warm to fucking hot, no rain, small crops

WINEMAKING NOTES  Cabernet Franc rocessed as whole berries, a natural ferment and then left on-skins for three weeks. Sauvignon blanc, whole-cluster carbonic maceration, then introduced to it dance partner. Matured in small 5 year old French oak cask. 

ANALYSIS  pH3.7, TA5.7g/l, FSO2 27ppm

PRODUCTION 150 dozen