Seven Months

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Seven Months 

“Exotic, expressive and absolutely full of complexity with aromas of spice, lantana and quince, hovering above this is a savoury, earthy dried morel-like scent (I know I’ve had a lot of time to think on this) You’ll note the crunchy phenolics on the pallet and richness from the skin ferment”
Bryan Martin

Perfect for richer dishes that you’d normally head to a lighter reds for sustenance. Brilliant with roasted pork shoulder or belly dishes, with fermented bean sauces and pickles like ssamjang, miso and the like.

Early days but I can see this getting really interesting with age.


VARIETIES Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer, Riesling


VINE AGE  18 years

SOIL  Duplex, decomposed granite, red loamy clay 

Farming   A form of organics, diverse

VINTAGE NOTES  Yep, she was a beauty

WINEMAKING NOTES  Fermented on skins in Italian concrete for seven month, pressed in October, settled and bottled, unfiltered. 

ANALYSIS  pH4.3, TA 4.8g/l, RS 0.3g/l, FSO2 15ppm

BOTTLED  Janaury 2019

PRODUCTION  300 dozen