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From the hectic and much varied 2016 vintage, our sangiovese proves the point that if you live in interesting times, you will be a much more interesting person yourself. Deeper in colour, more weight and complexity is shown in aroma and texture. Brooding sour cherry laced with juniper and and spice. A lovely weighted wine

Anything with tomatoes in it will work a treat. Sangiovese goes head to head with high acid food like battlebots. So pizza and pasta along with more complex braised veal and game dishes will defs go well with here.

Medium term 5-8 years


VARIETIES  Sangiovese

VINEYARD  5 vineayrds from Canberra, Hilltops and Gundagai

VINE AGE  10-20 years

SOIL Duplex, decomposed granite, red loamy clay 

SLOPE  varied

VINTAGE NOTES  Hard to find too many superlatives to describe this year. The superest I've seen I guess

WINEMAKING NOTES  Processed as whole berries, so no pumps used, a natural ferment that wasn't messed around with too much and then left on-skins for three weeks. matured in small 5 year old French oak cask. 

ANALYSIS  pH3.62, TA6.21g/l, FSO2 25ppm

PRODUCTION 650 dozen