Estate Wines


The wine that we grow ourselves are all now under a fab new label. Designed by Claudia at Cloudy Co Design and beautifully illustrated by Swindler & Swindler, they are a take on what we would have as a coat of arms if for some reason I was given a bespoke Baronetage - which I’m not ruling out, stranger things have happened.

Fancy, sure, happy, yep, these, and I’m quoting here, ‘Slightly grotesque representation of a coat of arms’, are visual depiction of how we see wine and food. Entwined, joyous, slightly nervy.

Our grape farm, or vineyard, is run under a policy of “Just leave it alone, things will work out’, much like our wine making philosophy, or lack thereof. More forestry than farming we encourage a great biodiversity of life in and on the earth. We don’t use chemicals, heavy farm equipment or cow horn’s full of rotted cow dung (Sorry BD folks, love your work but just don’t get this). We coax our earth to life with our own biochar, opening the soil with a yeoman’s plow and harrowing the crops rather than mowing. Basically getting the land back to what it was like before white people came and fucked it up. A broad range of cover crops are in use like clovers and maku for nitrogen, chicory for silca and aeration, its basically a large vegetable patch if you like. Sure it’s wild and won’t be used anytime soon in a glossy magazine, but it looks right to all of us living in it.

So all these wines are made from fruit grown our way, we think it the most sustainable way we can go about it.