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A lot going on here, mineral, flowers, quiet spicy, a little white peach, citrus. The palate is the feature, very dry but with loads of fine texture, again a presence of minerality, citrus peel, and persistence.

At this stage it’s a terrific aperitif, those zesty flavours will go down well with lightly cooked or raw seafoods like scallop or kingfish tartare. You will find the food needs to have a fair whack of acid too so lemon or lime dressings are fab. Oysters, grilled until they just open and then stunned with a splash of a rice wine, ginger and spring onion vinaigrette would be something worthy of this young wine.

Are you kidding, with this acid structure you can leave this for decades, future civilisations will unearth this wine and think “Wow, there’s some serious acid here”


VARIETY  Riesling 100%

VINEYARD  Our estate on Patemans lane .

SOIL  Varied but mostly the regional duplex, decomposed granite, red loamy clay, parna

SLOPE  Varied, north and south facing

VINTAGE NOTES  Very warm to hot season after a late budburst. Summer leant toward some extreme heat but started to cool as the vines went into their post-veraison ripening in February and March.

WINEMAKING NOTES  All the fruit was whole bunch pressed to ceramic eggs, two to be exact, so lots of solids, a wild ferment took place in its usual mysterious way, about three weeks later the eggs were topped and then just left alone for 8 months, bottled without filtration or fining .

ANALYSIS  pH3.0, TA 7.2g/l, RS 0.2g/l, FSO2 20ppm. 

BOTTLED  January 2019

PRODUCTION  110 dozen