Pinot gris

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pinot gris 

A little more hands off this year, more skins involved and less fussing around prior to packaging. Spicy, pink grapefruit, a hint of cranberry and strawberry even. More texture from the skin contact yet still delicate and reserved.

Will go with lots of food but then nothing specific, richer seafood dishes that might have cream involved, grilled fish and lighter meats. Roast chicken is a neat pairing then also is quite complex South-east Asian dishes, full of chilli and aromatic herbs.

Medium term but pretty good as a young wine

VINTAGE  2017 

VARIETY  Pinot gris with just a dash of pinot noir

VINEYARD  Long Rail Gully, Murrumbateman, Johannsen Tumbarumba

SOIL  Duplex, decomposed granite, red loamy clay and more basalty and rich in Tumbarumba

SLOPE  North east in Murrumbateman, not sure in the hills, east I think

VINTAGE NOTES  The PIG as we call it, had a great year. Both vineyards held it together in this tougher year, harvest date was much later than the last few years. All the fuit was hand-harvested and brought to the winery in great condition. It is a lovely fruit, very dak, you'd mistake it for its more highly decorated and coloured noir version. 

WINEMAKING NOTES  Whole bunch pressed to a variety of odd looking vessel, unattended henceforth, cold settled and that's all. 

ANALYSIS  pH3.4, TA 5.8g/l, RS 0.3g/l, FSO2 22ppm. 

BOTTLED  14 June 2017

PRODUCTION  340 dozen