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Riesling ancestral - out now


VARIETIES Riesling 100%


SOIL  Regional duplex – Granite base, red clays and loamy looking but distinctly soil

SLOPES  Faces both north and south, a grassy knoll if you will

VINTAGE NOTES  Near perfect conditions, rain after flowering then dry and mild throughout vintage. Awesome really, high-five weather!

WINEMAKING NOTES  Juice was whole bunch pressed straight into two eggs. Sounds hard but they are 700l ceramic eggs rather than hen’s eggs. Then left to its own devices, encouraged with positive thoughts, I wished it well but didn’t influence its journey: parenting and winemaking 101. With about 12g/l of fermentable sugar still present the wine was put, for want of a better verb, into sparkling wine bottles and then left to finish. This created a natural sparkle, about two and a half atmospheres. Anyway, it was fizzy and delicious but the sediment ‘cloud’ was a little too much so I convinced a local dude to get rid of this as best he could if I paid him a heap of cash.
Each bottle should be seen as an individual and not judged. We got rid of most of this sediment but some will be still there. Look at is as character, the more the better.

 ANALYSIS  pH3.0, TA 8.9g/l, RS 5g/l, FSO2 – nothing added so technically nil

BOTTLED  Mid-april

PRODUCTION  180 6-packs